Scramble @ San Tan - Video

Brrrrrrrrrr.  Cold start this morning to the San Tan Scramble @ San Tan Mountain.

This was a last minute trail run decision that I was able to fit in (despite work attempting to interfere).  Up at 3:50 just to make sure I could get a spot since I didn't preregister.  On-site at 6. Bib in hand. Ready to go!

17K doesn't start until 8:30 so off to nearby McD's to warm up (no built in heater on the motorcycle).  
I've grown to love trails in the 10 months since my introduction, despite the non-forgiving nature of  trail running.  You have to be mentally alert at ALL times.  Many times on the pavement, you can completely zone out, zone out on the trail and shyt gonna happen real quick!

Today I found myself in awe of TheGingerRunner.  Why?  Well because he shoots running videos for a living.  The shyt ain't easy folks.  To run and film at the same time.  To think about aesthetics.  To consider framing.  To consider the story that you're trying to tell.  Fvcking crazy!

Honestly, the story unfolds with the video that you end up with.  The video tells you what the story will be as items fall on the cutting floor.

But I digress.  I've never been to San Tan Mountain.  Beautiful.  Fvcking beautiful.

The course was challenging and in Aravaipa Running fashion, there's that little something special waiting for you near the end!  Fvckers...  :) 

This was a good last long training run prior the 26.2 next week.  For the first 3-4 miles I had a circulation issue with my left leg and a very tight calf muscle.  However, after mile 4 I felt great and refreshed.  That is until a slight rolling of my ankle after mile 8 right before the final 600+ foot climb.

Short of it all, love all of Aravaipa Running trail runs.  They have great support and wonderful volunteers.  It was a great day.  Wonderful weather, despite the cool start and soft spots in the wash.  Definitely a good run.

Enjoy the video.

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