Head Game

8:38 PM
I'm not afraid of the distance. Make no mistake, 42.2 km ain't no joke. The body will suffer. There will be plenty of pain to go around. The pounding will be relentless. The challenge is real.
....but my mind.

...my head isn't in the game.  Not for 26.2 miles of mental head games.

The mind cannot be underestimated and the power that it holds. The mind has the ability to push and will the body through total breakdown. A walk down the street can be debilitating if the mind ain't with it.

...and my mind isn't focused. 

For a marathon, you can't (or I can't) half ass that shit. So I got to get my head in the game before that gun fires on Sunday. 
Funny thing about training is that you have to train the mind as well as the body. No matter how wayward my head game is today and has been for the past few weeks, I will get my head in the game by time it's time to step across that mat.
After it's over I can allow my mind to return to this funk, but only after we get it done. And by done, achieving that 2013 goal at the place I completed my first marathon. Sub 5 in the motherfvcking bag! That's what it's about!

Too often people focus just on the outside.  What can be seen and judged by others without concern of the fragile internal ecosystem that is as delicate as a flower, yet tough as titanium.  True training removes the body from the equation and strips away the flesh where you find yourself with yourself to face yourself in and without yourself.  Where your mind can wander and play games with the real and the imagined.  

I know that this is just me allowing me to feel what I need during this moment while I'm in the valley, but rest assured come Sunday...  Come Sunday?  Come Sunday, I will be ready.  And by "I", I mean my head will be in the game and my head game will be tight!  

Stop looking so much at the envelope (the outside) and pay more attention to the contents.  Be good, do you, and strive daily to be the best you that you know. 

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