#365 Run Streak Challenge

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2018 Update:  Made it TWO YEARS! Going for year 3 of running everyday at least 1.1 miles per day!  Plus this year, going to try and chase the year.  Maybe... 

2017 Update:  Successfully made it a full year, and going to go for TWO!  Going to be interesting as I have committed myself to doing a 100 miler this year; the Daytona 100.  

Original Entry December 2015:  Seriously?  I must be fvcking with myself right?!  WRONG! 

We're going to do this, and by "we", I'm referring to me myself and I - self diagnosed running masochist.

So how did we get here?  One word.  Fvcking Social Media.  Okay that's three words. 

We'll call her Swigs (you know who you are)!  She sent me an IM right around the time I was thinking, I need to step my run game up in 2016.  The IM was a link to the 1,000 miles in 2016 Challenge and the 100 Day Streak Challenge by I <3 to run.

I was intrigued.  100 days?  I could maybe possibly do that.  It will definitely cause me to focus on my much needed run game.  1,000 miles in one year?  Definitely will make me accountable for that failed attempt at 100 miles per month challenge I kinda started.  Not really...

While considering this challenge I discovered and became obsessed with @DELJONESY  on Instagram who was nearing completing his Run365 challenge (day 360 of 365)!  Holy Shiznitz!!!  For realz!?!  We doing this!?!?  Damned dude!  This some motivational shyt right here!  I'm convienced we doing this!  

So there...  That's how we got here.   There's little on the internet but here are the definition and my rules for this self imposed debauchery. 

The official definition of a running streak, as adopted by the Streak Runners International, Inc., and United States Running Streak Association, Inc., is to run at least one mile (1.61 kilometers) within each calendar day. Running may occur on either the roads, a track, over hill and dale, or on a treadmill.
- Cool...  but wft is a dale?  Wiki- 
  1.  One fvcking Mile! - 5280 feet, 1.61 kilometers.  And for clarity sake, we're going to make it 1.01 to adjust for any satellite bullshyt!
  2. Calendar day - uhhhh, is this up for discussion?  Well, I do travel a lot, so on long travel days my calendar day can be in whatever time zone where I'm on the ground (this includes airports!).  But listen, If I'm doing a night ultra run then miles on both fvcking days count!  Ain't trying to kill myself. 
  3. On Earth - the definition kinda limits this to time on the planet.  I guess it kicks out pools or elliptical machines, bicycles, etc.  
  4. Running - This is of extreme debate.  It's not fast walking that's for sure.  But look I was running when folks would have considered it a fast shuffle.  Hell it wasn't walking.  I've been on ultra where I wasn't walking but I wasn't "running" either, so judge me you fast fvckers.  Y'all just don't know us slower folks make y'all shine.  Somebody got to hold the rear down. Plus the race ain't given to the swift fvckers...  Don't take shyt for granted, its rough out here in these streets.
  5. Continuous - The mile run must be continuious.  No breaks.  No going to the bathroom.  1 Mile or naught. 
So there it is.  That's what it do.  That's what it be.  Tomorrow begins it all.  ...and who da-fvck added a day to 2016?!?!?  Guess it's a #366 streak!  I'm always doing extra shyt!

Remember to be good and do you!

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