Inner warrior: Comma earned - 1,000 days and running

What dumbass thought it would be a great idea to run in a shirt and tie?  Oh this one!

There's something about milestones.  They mark a moment in time.  They place a bookmark in the journey of history.  They can be turning points or starting points, but they are never book ending.  Simply next chapters.

So is today day 1 or 1,000?

It's both and more.

But I wanted to make sure it was a memorable moment for me.  For today I earned a comma and exposed what inner warriors can achieve if given a chance to be expose, to grow, to fail, to suffer, and to fight continuously toward success.

In 2015, a co-worker introduced me to the concept of a runstreak of 100 days.   Associated with a challenge to run 1,000 miles in 2016.

Still a new to running, the idea of running back-to-back-to-back on repeat for days at end seemed improbable.  Impossible.  Inhuman.  Stupid.

But I wanted to push myself further and leverage my new found love of running which brought balance to an ever emotionally and mentally troubled life.  And with my newfound healthier self, I did not want to return to a place where my health was suffering.

So I pushed mentally and dug in.  I began to research how to make it from January to April running a mile everyday.  And that's when I discovered run streakers who have been not only running for months at a time, but years and years!  WTF!?

However that discovery set a spark within me to question myself "why not try?"

If you set off on a journey without a clear purpose, you will fail even if you succeed.  Thus I decided to dedicate that first year to Make-A-Wish AZ.

Well no need to give you a day-by-day but the journey has been long and it hasn't been easy.  Far from it.  I've run through illnesses, long hard work days, in work clothes, emotional trauma, through tears, anger, depression, pain, and physical injuries.

One year ended and the next day there was no question if the streak would continue.  I needed this streak to combat all the external pressures and troubles of the world pushed against me.  The streak had grew into my submersible capsule protecting me like a submarine in the ocean.

The streak had given me streak siblings.  Others who run with me throughout the country.  Jenny in Cali.  Maurice on the east coast.  Chi-town I see you.  And many others who connect and interact almost daily on social media.  Feeding off each others' energy and continued dedication.

When I feel down and maybe the streak is at it's end, seeing a post from one of my streak siblings sometimes gives me that extra I need at that 11 o'clock hour to get that mile in.  

And now here in year three, the warrior within has grown.  I'm cautiously more confident.  I've learned to push, yet show restraint.  Because I run not for the day or the moment, but I run today for the hopes of a tomorrow.

So this morning as I questioned why am I dressing up for this?  Am I really going to go running in a shirt and tie?  I remembered, today is a milestone day I never planned.  I never saw this day coming.  I would have never imagined I would be here today back on January 1, 2016.

Hell I had doubts I would last four weeks, let along 2 years and 8 months beyond that first month!

When I take a look back through the photos, the Instagram account @run3sixty5 which chronicles my daily run, I see the fight.  The journey.  The pain and the joys.  The travels and the almost didn't get that run in.  The friendships and the relationships built.  The growth even within myself.   (if you not following me, shame on you; shameless plug - IG @run3sixty5)

Tomorrow isn't promised, should tomorrow arise I wish for the chance to run it as well.

So it was special to sit atop A-mountain after pushing through 10K watching the sunrise to the east with running buddy Henry Ward, whom I admire and look up to as a mentor and life coach to overcome my own struggles as he overcome his. 

AZ Sunrises never gets old.

This isn't simply about me.  It's about all of us.  We struggle to find a moment.  Peace in a chaotic world.  We all have our mountains, along with mole hills we create mountains out of.  We all have our doubts.  But we all have an inner warrior within willing to fail?  But the question you have to ask, are you willing to fail. 

The warrior within continues to grow strong and this is simply a feather in the cap.  Everyday is day one.   #1000daysandrunning #levelup #findyourinnerwarrior

I know the day will come where I will fail.  The streak will end.  I still dedicate my running to Make-A-Wish AZ and today I ask that you donate your coffee addiction monies to their cause to assist children diagnosed with critical illnesses; you can do so by clicking this link to their site and my fundraiser for 2018 that went live today.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this moment in time with me.  Remember to take a moment daily for yourself.  For your inner warrior.  To do that thing that makes you great, no matter what it is.  Even if it is underwater crochet.

Be good folks.  Do you.   

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