Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 10 - Hate to part ways

6:30 PM

Y'all I hate to retire my Brooks Ghost 10s.  They were a great compliment to my Brooks Glycerin 15s I used during training and actually running in for the Daytona 100.

The Ghost 10s are less cushioned than the Glycerin 15s and fills a sweet spot between being a good long run trainer and a lighter weight shoe good for speed work.  Thus the reason I chose the Ghost 10s.
The Ghost 10s aren't cloud soft like a lot of ultra cushioned shoes out there.  No where near that stratosphere.  Heck, even the Glycerin 15s aren't as cushioned as "those" brands which provides no or limited response for your stride.

Wait, WTF are you talking about!?!?!

Response is a term used by the industry to speak about a shoe's ability to return some energy back to the runner in the form of a "response". Get it?

Ultra cushioned shoes take all the effort put in and returns nothing but provides you with a walk on cloud experience.  Your foot, in all its ingenious structure and form, is designed similar to a spring.  A very efficient design.  So when you run without shoes, you gonna fuck your foot and knees up.  Are you crazy!? (Especially if you haven't been running barefoot, just don't do it unless you train to do so safely; don't want y'all trying to sue me to "test" out the "spring theory" in your backyard full of rocks and ish). 

Where were we?  Oh yeah, Ghost 10s has a nice balance of providing sufficient response to make it suitable for a quicker long distance shoe.  Thus why I chose them as a compliment to the Glycerin 15s while training for 100 miles. 

I would use the Ghost 10s on distances ranging everywhere from 1 - a marathon distance.  And they performed wonderfully. 

The biggest compliment I can give to the Ghost 10s is their durability.  I've put over 350 miles on this pair of Brooks Ghost 10s and I'm just now starting to feel some changes in my legs and noticing some wear in the blown rubber (the durable layer of rubber typically on the bottom of the shoes).  For the record this is my second pair. 

The upper (top material part of the shoe), is breathable allowing your feet to breathe when the temperature starts to climb.  A consideration if you live in colder climates. 

My single gripe with the Ghost 10s is their inability to dry quickly when they get wet.  WTF Brooks!?  You have a shoes with a breathable upper but no real drainage for the lower to dry quickly? 

If you get these puppies wet and the interior foot bed of the shoes become drenched by running through a deep puddle, or if it rains at the start or briefly mid-run, don't expect the Ghost 10s to be quick with the drying process.  Your feet and / or socks will still be a wet mess well into your run and until you take them off for a proper drying. 

Fortunately for me I live in the desert and rain is the least of my concerns, but it may be a show stopper if wetness is a routine part of your running agenda. 

I’m tempted to buy another pair, with the longevity of the life span of the Ghost 10s and all the positives it brings to the table, the idea is definitely alluring.  However I like to try all types of shoes and I need to change up my gear for the races I have later in the year. 

Should you buy a pair?  Before I tell you "Damned straight go getchu a pair!"  I recommend you check out my blog and video on What shoes should I buy

Did the Ghost 10s work for me?  Damned straight they did and I hate to part ways.  But alas, I must.  

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