Why I won't run any more 30-32 hr timed 100 mile ultras soon

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Yeah... It's only been a couple of weeks since the Daytona 100. And what an emotional ride!  Definitely a life changing experience that I still struggle to talk about.

The Daytona 100 couldn't have been a more dramatic challenging enduring first 100 miler. I learned so much. And as I recover, I continue to learn.

But one thing became crystal clear before I towed the line at the Daytona 100, and that one thing possibly pushed me the distance.

I had told several non-running folks "I have one shot at a 100 miler. Just one."

Could I do another 100 mile ultra? Yes.

Would I want to do another 100 mile ultra in under 30 - 32 hours? Yes.

Is there something wrong with your body that would prevent you from towing that line again? No.

So what makes me so confident that I will have to turn away from such a daunting beautiful monstrous challenge? ...time.

Yes.  Time.

View Daytona 100 A1A Mile 50ish

I knew going into this, it was going to be a difficult task to get the time on my feet in. I created a custom training plan trying to take into account my work schedule and with the reality of the plan's goal was simply to finish. Not to finish well. Not to finish with extra time to spare, but simply finish. 

My pacing chart is testament that I finished 40 minutes outside of my planned time. I was ahead of my pace through mile 81. The plan was the whole time to simply finish the distance slightly under the 30 hour cut off. Mission accomplished.

Late September going into October, it became obvious that the time commitment required to properly train for a 100 miler even with my custom training plan was not there. It weighed on me. Thus, I had to change my plan and I wrote a whole blog about it.

My job requires a lot of travel.  It's not the travel that's the issue.  It's time.  My job requires a lot of attention and time.  Typically six day work weeks on the road in excess of 11 hours a day.  These past few assignments saw me working 14 plus hour days routinely.

So as much as I would like to tow the line again next year for another 100 miler, I can't commit to one.  I doubt I can even commit to the time needed to train for a 100K.

My love for ultras haven't diminished as they have helped me grow as a person and overcome some difficult times in my life.  The trails and the back country is where my heart remains.

But I didn't say I wouldn't never go the distance again.  Far from it.  I do have my eyes on Aravaipa's Across the Years next year going into 2019.

I pushed my body beyond anything I thought possible just a few weeks ago.  I enjoyed so much of the first 100K of the 100 miler.  I sailed through the 100K mark in great spirits and feeling pretty good.  A distance that broke me down a year ago.  I've mentally been beyond my previously limits on many occasions.  Waking at 4 am just to get some time in the gym before working 12 -16 hours, all to do it all over again the following day.

I was determined and it wore me down.  But I was committed.

You can achieve many things in life.  You can go beyond anything you've ever imagined as long as you're willing to put in the time.

To complete 100 miles in under 30-32 hours requires a lot of time.  Could I do it again?  Yes.  Would I want to do it again?  Yes.  But considering the circumstances with my work and personal life?   No.
But this reality doesn't take away my passion for running and the community that I've grown to love.  I now get to focus on increasing my speed, while maintaining some distance.  The challenges ahead with that feat are entertaining.

However, I look forward to my next 5K, 10K, and half and full marathons that I got in surprisingly.  Yes, the Dopey Challenge!  And so soon after running 100 miles!  An epic way to start 2018!

It's humbling to consider that in 2018 will mark my 6th anniversary of running.  Which means it marks the 6th year of running away from all kinds of health issues.  High blood pressure and stress.  Running has become my place to quiet all the noise, while keeping my health in check.  The harder and further I push my body, the more my body demands I eat better and make my health a priority.

So I'm not sad I can't go the distance in 2018.  No.  Far from it.  I just have to change my focus and work within the parameters life provides.  I know running is a privilege and an addiction and I'm going to take advantage of the privilege and addiction until life says otherwise.

With that, keep planting seeds in your future!  Y'all be good.  Do you.  ✌

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