Chasing the year in 2018?

10:34 PM

I started this whole run 365 thing with a suggestion / challenge to run 100 days in a row / 1000 miles in 2016.  Yeah wrote about my first run 365 a year ago.

Researching how to survive such a crazy feat turned into, running every day for the entire year, and the following year, and now chasing a third year!

My partner in running runstreak365 crime over at @runningonrepeat, Jenny, chased 2017!  And son of a byotch pulled it off!  She's such an inspiration and part of a run365 crew that I follow religiously on Instagram.  Running everyday is difficult on more days than it is effortless, thus the need to get motivation from others in the crew.  

...and now she has suggested that I chase 2018.

If you're still wondering what chasing the year is all about, here's the short of it all.  Your goal is to run the year in miles.  So 2,018 miles by the end of the day December 31, 2018. 

Let's do some quick math.

P(Y-X=m | Y > X) &= \sum_{k}+(1+x) n. = 1+nx+ n(n−1). 2! x2 + n(n−1)(n−2). 3! x3 + n(n−1)(n−2)(n−3). 4! x4 Carry the 26.2 +100k / OMFG
multiplicationized by 3.12
Equals = Average 5.52876712329 miles per day. 


That's a lot of miles.




Holy &@%^#!  That's some insane mileage.  roughly 166 miles per month.  - EVERY FREAKING MONTH!

[deep breath]

Yeah, I'm not ready to chase a year yet.  Too much time needed.  But I am willing to chase 1818 miles in 2018.  That equals roughly 150 miles per month.  An average of 300 miles more than I've been averaging the last couple of years.  

And if we just happen to get to touch the year, then yeah!   However, the primary goal, completing the third Run 365 challenge.  So, I'll be chasing year 1818 in 2018! 

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