Gear Initial Impressions: Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

2:45 AM

I've been lured by the promise of

9 Hours of Wireless Playback!

Yes, you read that right.  The new Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones claims 9 freaking hours of battery life!

The best of wireless in ear earphones will get you on a good day fresh out of the box 5 hours at the most!  So Amazon to the rescue.

So what are my initial top 10 thoughts?
  1. This is a big ass charging case!  WTF!
  2. Lightening charging port!?!?  WTF Apple?  2019 byotches!  Give us a fvcking USB-C port already.  The MacBooks and iPads come with USB-C, so.....  What happened here Apple?  Getting rid of excess product?  #badapple
  3. Seamless simple connectivity to Apple products!
  4. Not so seamless simple connectivity to non-apple products
  5. Sound quality that lives up to the Beats name (read clear punchy defined lows/bass), yet still clear across the sound stage and not muddy at all. 
  6. Secure fit in the ears!  
  7. Duplicate controls on each ear piece!  #gamechanger
  8. Each earphone can be used independently of the other in mono use!  Left or Right!  Competitors currently requires use of the right earphone in mono mode.  
  10. In mono mode, that's nine hours of playback for each earphone totaling EIGHTEEN HOURS OF MONO MODE PLAYBACK!
That's still a big ass charging case though.

After 15k run in the PBPs, I experienced zero ear fatigue.

I did notice the ear tips seals the ear canals which eliminates all ambient noise, which for a runner can be a safety issue.  You know.  Cyclist, other runners, cars, horses on the trails, mountain bikers, and the occasional need to hear if you're about to be nature's lunch for the predatory animals in the back country.  Just saying.

Remedy however is to go in mono mode and keep one ear free.  Problem solved.  Unless that mountain lion approaches from the ear with the tunes blasting away.

I did experience a small hot spot in my left ear after 75 minutes of use that went away completely after a couple of minutes of removal.  I'm going to try another ear tip tomorrow and see if that phenomenon resurfaces.

Other than that big ass case that is NOT pocket friendly or carry friendly, the new Beats PBPs are the real deal.

Oh, there's the price I'm going to regret come bill time next week.  $2 hun'red FIFTY dollars y'all.  Two Fifday!  Two Five Oh Shiss!  

Hear that?  That is my wallet still crying in the corner from the abuse.  I'm keeping them regardless.  Here's the video review I did after my run.  Despite the hot spot and the coin, these are keepers. 

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