My Latest Running Tattoo!

9:06 PM
Traversing 100 miles on two legs can and will change a person.  It's a journey unlike any journey I've experienced.

Mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Words can not convey the "complete" journey to 100 miles!

See the journey didn't start on the northern beaches of Florida and ended at the finish line of the Daytona 100.  Nope, the journey started long before the start on December 8th 2017 and continues to this day, way beyond my finish on Sunday December 9th 2017.

But I wanted to commemorate this page that was turned.

So after much research on the internet, I reached out to tattoo artist Pete Walker with Allegory Tattoo in San Diego

Another Happy Customer after 3 hours in the chair - Pete and egsleeve
I reached out via email.  We exchanged a couple of emails where I shared with him styles from his portfolio that won me over.  Where the tattoo was going along with a photo of my current tattoo in that area.
He called a week or two later asked me a few questions and I shared with him my story.

My story?  I completed my first 100 mile ultra run!  A continual journey of my life, which started with diminishing health.  I told him how I loathe running when I started, but didn't know what else to do.  I shared with how I feel in love with life on the trails.  My love of my new home town and the deserts of Arizona.  I shared with him about how it continues to be an emotional journey for me.  I remember telling him I was a scorpio.

This time I did something different, I didn't have a preset design in mind or a rough sketch.

... I did something I had not done before, let the artist be the artist.  After a couple of weeks he sent me this.

Original artist concept by PW

I was floored.  Loved it!  Nailed it.  Of course I did inquire if we could incorporate my pinned tweet from Twitter into the design "Reach beyond your fears!  Push past your limits!"  I like my tattoos about specific races a little less in your face. 

So in the tradition of all my other running tattoos, the date was set late in the month of May for some more time in the chair.

Pete had to make some alterations at the last minute due to me taking the photo in the mirror.  Opps.  Being the artist he is, he didn't appear fazed and took about 30 minutes to make some changes.  Did some freehand drawing on my arm.  He proclaimed "If you can survive 100 miles, you can survive an underarm tattoo."

...wait what?  He said the underarm is a little sensitive.  yeah, that flag woke me up.  Yes, I fell asleep a couple of times.  I was tired.  But through it all,  Pete came through.

But what does it all mean?
  • The various design flowing into my current "Time and Chance" marathon tattoo?  Just some work he ended up free handed drawing on my skin instead of using the stencil.  That right there sign of a true artist.  
  • Serendipity introduced me to my love of trail running and the world of ultra-running in the desert of Arizona at White Tank Mountain.  
  • My journey isn't a continual path
  • The Daytona 100 flag and banner oval for the race that took me to the edge of my existence and forced me to reach beyond my fears and push past my limits.  
  • The scorpion.  The ultimate representation of embracing my fears and the person that I am.  Throughout my adult life I've been freakishly afraid of scorpions.  I've had to face those fears on several occasions here in the desert and come to grips with my native nature, which also represents my astrological sign.  Scorpio.  Too often I've sacrificed and subverted who I really am for the benefit of others.  I'm still growing into the comfort of who I am daily and learning to love me continually.  'Nuff said.  
  • There's a Make-A-Wish Star hidden in the design, representing my relationship with the MAW foundation and the love so many of you showed, during last year's fundraising event during the Daytona 100.  We were able to exceed the goal of 6K easily!  A big thank you to each of you and your support and the MAW foundation who tirelessly work with the children facing the toughest journey of their lives.
There you go.  My latest edition and it's meaning.

Can't wait to hit Pete up to finish off my half sleeve on my continual running journey.  

If you haven't read about my other running tats, click the link.

Also, if you're interested in work from Allegory tattoo studio or want to see more work by Pete, check out their website (links to their IG, Facebook, and Twitter at the bottom).

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  1. Ed, you story is so inspiring. I don't take my blessings for granted and I am a true believer that God places people in our lives for a reason. I am so thankful to be able to call you a friend and I thank you for your inspiration and the ongoing motivation. I still struggle but I refuse to give up! Prayers to you my friend for continued blessings!! Do You!!!!


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