Tearing myself down to build anew: My 100K training plan

7:38 PM

So what does 100K training look like?  That's a question I've heard several times over the last few days. 

Good question. Not so easy an answer.

Why?  Because there are numerous approaches to any sort of training.  It all comes down to the individual. Competent coaches can tailor specific training to an individual's goals, current fitness level, and the specific terrain and weather conditions of the distance and event. 

In short, it depends. 

But what y'all really want to know is what "my" training plan looks like?  Well, here it is!

First of all I have to say it, I'm no coach and this plan was designed for ME, based on my needs, capability, and weaknesses.   I did A LOT of research and reviewed many training plans. YOU have to do your own research. -Disclaimer over-

I modified plan from the book "Running Your First Ultra" based on numerous factors specific to me. Primarily my crazy randomly constantly changing work schedule. So one focused on doable weekly mileage, with the longest run on Sunday. 

The second need I had was to fit the training within my limited window. Some plans for a first 100K can be as long as eight months. I can't dedicate that type of block due to work, so had to look at something shorter but efficient. No specific time period (despite wanting to finish under 18 hours).  A plan to get me to the finish line...  Alive.  

Basically it's a plan to train me to run on tired legs (pain) without the need of a gym, swimming pool, or other crazy cross training in case I'm in hotel living / work mode. So a lot of RUNNING!  

Possibly a lot of time on a treadmill. And hopefully one that ramps up slowly enough not to bring on injury. 

The cardio cross will be courtesy of T-25.  Shawn-T kicks my ass, but...  Have to do what I have to do so not to die. 

I know there will be obstacles. I know there will be changes and alterations needed.  As a true training plan is designed to slowly break you down and build you back up. 

So that's what me training plan looks like. A blueprint to destroy what's currently here and build anew.

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