Bridges only lead to other bridges - SF Half Marathon

1:28 PM
We all would like to wake up and be successful.  Pop a pill and "POOF"!  Find the perfect you in a bottle with only the effort of removing the protective layer and swallowing the pill to the you you want to be...

The picture above was taken nine days ago in San Francisco.  The Golden Gate is in the background.  Specifically this picture was taken during mile 11 or 12.  Looking at my face you would think there was nothing but calmness inside.  I look cool.  Calm.  Collected.  Like I got it together.  Like a "Runner."

Only if that was true.  The climb from sea level up to the beautiful Golden Gate would have its way with my body and my mind.  BOTH TIMES! My right foot was in pain.  My left calf muscle was cramping up.  I was cold.  I was wet.  And an opportunity to PR was in my face but my body was slowly shutting down.

I would PR this run.  1 hour, 57 minutes, and 48 seconds.  The first time ever under the 2 hour mark. A mark for me I believed was non-reachable.  But despite being one of the worst runs I've endured, it became the best run ever.

For everything that didn't go right, so many things did.  This run was the epitome of the saying that you can't plan your future but only live it now.  Every second of this run split second decisions were made that put me in the place at a future moment in time to crack the two hour barrier.

I wouldn't know it at the time, but my future was in the moment.  But this isn't about the PR.  This is about the story of how this PR is the collective of hundreds of miles, many tears, changes in food choices, many set backs, and a tremendous amounts of failures.

Sure this famed run can go down as a success, but it was only a success after crossing the many bridges of hardships.

Don't give up on your dreams.  But realize there will be many obstacles (bridges) and you will find yourself in places you never imagined yourself if you allow yourself the flexibility to live in the now and struggle across the many bridges of life.  Don't become complacent and find or build your next bridge. 

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